After a few years of not competing on a regular basis, Kappus was the first person I thought of when I decided to get back into racing. Having raced both with and against Kappus, I knew he was a true student of the sport (both in training and tactics), and was hopeful he would teach me at least some of what he'd learned.
I was immediately impressed with the training plan as it was customized to maximize those precious hours during the week when I wasn't working or busy being a dad and husband.  And after a few months, I felt completely confident going into races as I knew my training had prepared me for what I needed do in races.
What impressed me most was when I had a mid-season sickness that kept me off the bike for about 4 weeks. Kappus and I re-adjusted my goals and training, and before long I was stronger than ever, able to get a podium at the Master's National Championships.

                                    -Tony Rustuccia, cat 1, 3rd 35-39 RR 2011

"I've had Brian as a coach for about a year now.  Prior to that I spent a couple years riding on my own with little to no power gains.  Since using Kappus Coaching, my power has increased, I've lost weight and I've had much better race results.  His schedules are easy to follow and he gives great racing advice that has helped me race from the front as opposed to suffering in the back of the pack." 
-Mike Padilla, cat 4 

"Coach Kappus is a miracle worker, pure and simple. After breaking my spine and collar bone in a truck vs. bike encounter, I had only modest expectations for the season. But hiatus and lingering back pain notwithstanding, I went on to have the most successful season of my life! I followed Coach K's recommendations to a T and I ended up accomplishing all of my goals, including upgrading from a 4 to a 2 in one season. I am convinced that if you stick to your custom plan, you cannot help but get faster. 
I love having a really smart coach who can tell me from a scientific standpoint exactly why he's prescribing what he is. Kappus has conducted countless experiments on himself over his many years of racing, and passes down what he has learned to his athletes. He also has a healthy attitude toward life-race balance and will remind you to drink a beer or two between victories."

-Lisa Mueller, now cat 2

"As a physician researcher, I know that using the best evidence results in the best performance.  Brian's in-depth knowledge of training provides great results.  I am new to racing, and Coach Kappus' wise advice allowed me to grow in the sport.  He has great experience from racing in most of the popular races in California, which helps individualize race tactics.  Brian is also very flexible and allows me to adapt my training to a busy lifestyle."

-Dr Lenny Lesser MD

“Working with Brian has greatly improved my racing. His program has worked really well with my busy work schedule and I feel the workouts maximize my available time. We focused on a single race and I was able to knock and hour of my personal best. I have also recorded my fastest TT time since working with Brian.”

-Alan Bub, 35+ masters racer