Strength exercises

Use any of the following links to jump a specific workout area

Upper back

seated row

dumbbell row

upper back arm circles

skip to 2:55

bodyweight rows

can be done with your feet on a bench or on the floor

Lower Back


back extension with stability ball

Floor back extension


Push ups on stability ball


regular abs

weighted regular abs include weight clutched to your chest or held above your head

russian twists

jack knife crunch

foot 2 foot crunch

leg lifts with stability ball

russian twists with stability ball

leg rotations with stability ball

skip to 2:27

jack knife crunch with stability ball


regular squats

step ups

step ups with thrust

forward lunge

walking lunges

reverse lunge

lateral lunge

bulgarian split squat

crossover lunge

lateral to crossover lunge

ski squat

single leg squat


hamstring lift

cook hip lift

hamstring curl on stability ball

one leg hamstring lift

single leg hamstring curl with stability ball

skip to 2:05


double calf raises

single calf raises are identical except with one leg at a time

box jumps

This page is meant as a key for my athletes to reference for assigned strength exercises.  None of the videos are my own creation and I do not endorse any products inadvertently advertised within (except stability balls, those are great).