Coaching Plans

I offer 2 levels of coaching:

Basic: $150 / mo

This level is perfect for the serious athlete.  Training is customized weekly to maximize your training time and effectiveness.  All riding is tracked with trainingpeaks and ride analysis is provided when questions arise.  Once per month meeting or one-on-one ride is provided to discuss goals and training.

Advanced: $250 / mo

This level is for the athlete that wants to maximize their potential.  All of the efficiency of the Basic level is included here, along with closer monitoring and more extensive feedback.  Weekly, every training file will be evaluated with feedback to summarize how well the training was accomplished and observe any changes in fitness.  With close tracking of metrics such as heartrate drift and TSS, training plans can be adjusted dynamically for maximum effectiveness.  Additionally, a trainingpeaks premium account is provided so you can easily do analysis of your own if you so choose.
A power meter is required for this level of coaching.


   Basic Advanced 
 Power or HR based training plans by Dr KappusX
 Unlimited Contact (email or phone) X
 Daily workouts on Trainingpeaks X X
 Monthly meeting or one-on-one ride X X
 Data analysis on request X X
 Trainingpeaks Premium account   X
 Weekly ride file analysis   X
 2 meetings per month near peak event X

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